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In order to organize a team that will provide support to all areas serviced, individuals who bring a

 wide variety of interests, talents and knowledge are sought. The goal for membership of the team is the following:

• Police Officers
• Firefighters
• Emergency Medical Service
• Mental Health Professionals
• Clergy
• Dispatchers
• Ski Patrol Members
• Search and Rescue Team Members
• Dive Rescue Members

We encourage the participation of members of the team who qualify in more than one discipline.

The needs of the team will be considered at the time of an individual’s application.

Application Process

Anyone who is a member of one of the disciplines listed above and is interested in team membership must complete an application. Once the application has been completed, an interview will be scheduled with a team member who will review the individual’s application, experiential expertise and interests, availability of positions for their primary discipline (i.e. fire, police, EMS) and discussion of the team’s expectations. References will be verified.

All applicants recommended for new membership will be invited to the next monthly meeting.

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